Greg Punch. Information designer and producer of quality educational, training and promotional projects - video, print, multimedia.



corporate video projects

Over a 25 year period I've written around 90 scripts for corporate / training / promotional videos and multimedia projects.

Subject areas have been as diverse as occupational health and safety, architectural history, social welfare, education, medicine, engineering and the environment.


feature films / TV series

is a family adventure movie set in remote Queensland. It's about a group of teenagers stranded when their bus is buried in a mud slide. They sepnd five days crossing a wilderness in an attempt to reach safety not realising they are being shadowed all the way.

Please email if you are interested in reading the script.

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is a feature length film about a small town, 13 year old girl who gets caught up in a web of social and cultural disharmony. Her best friend, a Muslim boy, wants to join the Nippers squad at the local beach but the unwritten social laws don't seem to encourage this.

Under the veneer of 'fun in the sun' this is ultimately a story of racism in a microcosm, experienced through the eyes of a 13 year old.

Please email if you are interested in reading the script.



is a children's adventure TV series. The one-hour pilot script and outlines for 26 half-hour episodes were developed from an original 90 minute telemovie of the same name. Co-written with Paul Anthony Smith.


other writing projects

• ABC Radio National - radio documentaries
• Theatre Australasian - theatre reviews
• Web Sites - technical content and 'plain English' rewrites
• Australian Taxation Office - staff training materials


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