Greg Punch. Information designer and producer of quality educational, training and promotional projects - video, print, multimedia.


where is he based?

Lives in Redfern, Sydney.

Works, wherever it takes him.

where and what did he study?

Australian Film, Television and Radio School - AFTRS
Graduated their three year, full time course majoring in film and video editing and directing

Wollongong University
Post graduate studies in computer based learning incorproating interface design for multimedia

Also Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Evaluation

where is he most comonly found?

Behind a camera - lighting, shooting, stills and video

why does he do it?

It's in his blood, under his skin, a habit, a calling, a compulsion, an addiction. He's been doing it professionally since he was eighteen and he will continue to do it as long as there is an interesting story to tell, or just a fleck of light that captures interest.

what work has he done?

• Shooting, editing, directing training videos and short films for diverse corporate and educational projects

• Content writing and construction for web sites
• Writing scripts for children’s television projects
• Stage manager for film festival awards nights, plays, operas and concerts
• Teaching computer and video skills to school students and adult learners

InfoCLEAR Consulting Pty Ltd
• Assisting Government clients to develop better training and information products, including...
• Evaluations of existing products (print & electronic)
• Creating prototypes of new products
• Devising and delivering training workshops
• Shooting stills and video material for internal training projects

• See list above of activities for 2002 to present
• During this period over 60 projects (see clients page) including projects for three Universites around Sydney - UNSW, UWS and back again to USYD on a number of one-off projects

University of Sydney
• Shooting and editing educational and promotional videos
• Collaborating on the development of information / education products involving students, academics and other stakeholders
• Advising on major re equipping and refurbishment of production facilities

Westmead Hospital
• Working with advisers to develop content for training videos
• Shooting, editing and directing training videos

• Shooting and editing corporate videos and television documentaries

RVN Channel Two, Wagga Wagga (now Prime Network)
• Cameraman and editor for local news, documentaries and TV commercials

See the pages on video, multimedia and theatre for specific projects.



"I started in television as a news cameraman and editor at the age of 18 so I was in a fortunate position to have had some very solid experience before going to film school.

My later 20's were spent editing and shooting corporate, educational and training videos plus the ocasssional broadcast or speciality documentary - something that continues.

Greg Punch - photogrpaher -1995

In my 30's I started devising print based training materials and workshops as an adjunct to just creating the videos. It provided an integrated experience for the learner from initial introduction to evaluation of the experience - the whole box and dice.

Along the way I took time out to direct and stage manage concerts and plays and produce some radio features for the ABC.

greg punch - directing "Familie004s Speak" 2

I went back to university to study the use of multimedia in education and training. Why? I was appalled at how much bad material was out there. The content was often good, the graphics looked 'cool' but there was little coherence from a usability perspective - users were overwhelmed with information and had recurring problems figuring out how to navigate what should have been a simple web site.

A lot has changed in the past ten years in terms of usability and it's great to see more educators and web developers embracing a user centric approach.

I've rolled together more than 25 years dealing with academics, teachers, learners, corporate clients and the general public. I hope it adds up to a solid perspective from which to shape the form, function, methodology and hands-on actions to deliver the best possible product for the end user."


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