Greg Punch. Information designer and producer of educational, training and promotional projects - video, print, multimedia.


Waste Management in Hospitals

Client: Western Sydney Area Health Service
produced through the University of Western Sydney.

Description: A semi dramatised video exploring issues of waste management in hospitals. What changes in thinking are required to reduce and reuse waste?

Award Winner: Australian Society of Educational Technology award for quality combined media package (print & video) 1996.



Director greg Punch - cast Candy Raymond and Drayton Morley "waste management in hospitals" video 1996

waste management in hospitals - video and study kit

Director Greg Punch - waste dump truck

Director Greg Punch - actor Candy Raymond in "waste management in hospitals" video 1996

Director Greg Punch - "Waste management in Hospitals" - Reception desk - Mariette Rups Donnelly and Dennis Clements

Thanks to Western Sydney Area Health Service, the staff of Liverpool Hospital and the actors appearing in the video - Candy Raymond, Dennis Clements, Mariette Rupps-Donnelly and Drayton Morley.


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