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TCM - Total Catchment Management

Client: Dept. Land & Water Conservation and the Sydney Catchment Management Committees.

Description: When my 'client' was revealed as being 12 committees, and the brief was for two videos and a 90 page study kit, I did wonder if it was time to think again about being in the business of making corporate videos.

How could I get all the 'clients' to agree? It was a very long process from concept to final product but well worth the effort in the end.

The final package, after a formal Ministerial launch, was distributed across NSW and widely used in schools and public information forums.






Michael Caton - presenter TCM - Total Catchement Management - director Greg Punch

TCM videos and study guide

Ben Tate - presenter of TCM - Tpotal Catchement Management - director Greg Punch

director Greg Punch - TCM - total catchement management

director Greg Punch - Gladesville bridge, Sydney

Thanks to Michael Caton, Ben Tate, Abbie Cornish and the 'actuals' who gave their time and talents to be part of the project.


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