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Railway safety

Client: Parramatta Rail Link

Description: The original brief from the client was for one short video to serve all staff working on the Parammatta Rail Link project.

Construction workers on a building site and administration workers in an office face very different safety issues. The 'one size fits all' approach was clearly not going to work once the people instigating the project were prompted to think it through from the end user's perspective. The result was to create two different videos but produced in tandem.

I was able to direct a fire drill with a cast of 35 very dedicated extras (sorry about the number of times you needed to run up and down the stairs, people) and gained insight into the unique considerations of working on a construction site within a national park.




"rail safety" - director Greg Punch

"rail safety 02" - director Greg Punch

A big THANK YOU to the staff at the Parramatta Rail Link office for their enthusiasm and participation in staging their worst nightmares and managing to smile through it all.

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