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Cooks River - Coming Clean

Client: Cooks River Catchment Management Committee; University of NSW; DLWC - Department of Land and Water Conservation (as it was then)

Description: This 25 minute documentary was the start of a string of environmental projects I worked on for the next ten years for Sydney Water, Sydney Olympic Park Authority and DLWC.

The brief was to show how government, business, community groups and individuals were involved in making a positive difference to Sydney's most polluted river.

Award: The client mentioned to me at the first preview screening,
"I have never seen a video answer the brief so well."
I think that's about the best accolade a maker of educational / informational films can receive. Who needs trophies? They only collect dust.



Director Greg Punch - Cooks River - school students undertaking "streamwatch"

Director Greg Punch -cooks river, Sydneycooks river, Sydney

Director Greg Punch - Cooks River public planning meeting


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